A variety of videos from around the world show the Geopool®Dewatering System in action. Contact us today to learn more about this innovative dewatering solution that is cost effective, reusable, scalable, and easy to operate.

The open concept of the GeoPool allows you to see the material as it settles and dewaters and polymer adjustments can be made accordingly unlike tubes which are a closed concept with zero inside visibility.

The dredge discharges into the GeoPool in the background while a worker activates the fabric in the foreground.
Material settled out and stacking nicely. Note the discharge can be seen through the GeoPool dewatering fabric.
The GeoPool shedding clear water in the early stages of the GeoPool fill.

Showing the surface water exit a patented Dump Door shutter.  GeoPools can release massive quantities of surface water without having to permeate it all through the geo-fabric.  This is a major competitive advantage over geotextile bags.

Activating the fabric with the provided deck brushes to speed up the dewatering process.

Clear water flows over the stacked solids allowing for the patented Dump Doors to be opened and perform a bulk dewatering of the pool.

Early in the dewatering stage showing crystal clear effluent while the inside of the pool is black sediments.

The entire backside of a GeoPool completely activated and dewatering thousands of gallons per minute.

A wide view of a GeoPool in the process of being filled.
A row of GeoPool frames dewaters at a high rate.

Note the clear water on the surface of the GeoPool showing the solids settled and the clear water flowing over the top. The GeoPool’s open concept with low turbulence allows for faster settling.

A cutter suction dredge discharges river sediments into a GeoPool. Note the solids stacking in the foreground.
An activated GeoPool sheds thousands of gallons per minute at a job site in the U.S.