Technical Support & Service

We realize the impact downtime can have on your project and that is one of the benefits of the GeoPool.  Since there are no mechanical, electrical, or hydraulic components there is very little that can breakdown on the system.  Less downtime means meeting deadlines and reducing labor costs.  The GeoPool is reviewed by a 3rd party structural engineer and has a back up safety cable system for added structural integrity.  Should a any GeoPool component need to be replaced rest assured that we will get parts shipped quickly to your job site whether it is GeoPool Frames, Dump Doors, Clean Out Gates, or simply more rolls of filter fabric, we have you covered.  Additionally, you can count on us for lifetime technical support via phone and e-mail for the lifespan of your GeoPool. 

Rick Leverty, Senior Field Service Technician | 715-243-2138 (O) | 715-760-1137 (M)

Rob Carufel, Field Service Technician | 715-243-2122 (O) | 715-220-3727 (M)

Tony Mendez, Field Service Technician | 715-243-2133 (O) | 715-338-9567 (M)

Dan Hogan, Field Service Technician | 715-243-2185 (O) | 715-410-9566 (M)

Kelly Alder, Customer Service Admin | 410-545-0275 (O) 

Todd Johannsen, Parts Sales Representative | 715-243-2117 (O)

Keith Granroth, Parts & Service Representative | 715- 243-2148 (O)