GeoPool® Dewatering System

The IMS GeoPool® system is an innovative dewatering solution that is cost effective, reusable, scalable, and easy to operate.

The system is comprised of a series of rigid steel support frames that are linked together and secured with four heavy-duty safety cables with turnbuckle connections. The interior frame structure is then lined with hi-tech filter fabric and used to filter out water from dredge slurries delivered via pipeline.

The sediments are collected in the GeoPool and the effluent water filters through the fabric via natural settling and gravity. The operator can direct the effluent to a sump by simply creating a trench 4-5 ft. (1.2-1.5 m) away from the base of the GeoPool. The effluent can then be pumped back to its original water source or treatment equipment if necessary.

The patented dump doors, like a weir, allow for rapid release of surface water of the pool to increase storage capacity. This greatly speeds up the dewatering process as a large portion of the water will not need to be filtered through the fabric during the dry down process. The patented clean out gates allow tracked earth moving equipment to move into the pool and unload it so the next fill and dewatering cycle can commence.

For larger scale projects, IMS recommends multiple pools so one pool can be filled while another pool is being cleaned out after the dry down process is complete.

Features & Benefits


Since the filter fabric can be easily replaced after it wears out dewatering costs can be reduced significantly. The price to re-line the largest GeoPool which can handle up to 14,000 yds3 (10,704m3) is less than $3,000 US or less than the price of a small single geotextile tube. Maintenance is inexpensive and replacement frames, dump doors, gates, and fabric are a phone call away.


The GeoPool’s robust steel construction is hot dip galvanized and made to last. The GeoPool’s clean out gates allow the pool to be cleaned out and be put immediately back into service again and again. 


The GeoPool’s modular frames allow it to be sized up or sized down for a specific project based on the allowable foot print or required dewatering capacity.

Rapid Dewatering

The patented Dump Door technology allows for rapid release of settled surface water instead of having to pass directly through the fabric. This bulk dewatering advantage sets the GeoPool apart from other fabric dewatering technologies and mechanical dewatering technologies.


The GeoPool can be used to dewater a variety of materials. When discharging ultra fine particles like clay, municipal sludge or certain industrial sludges, it is recommended to use a polymer / floc.


The GeoPool requires no power and has no moving parts reducing overall maintenance and service costs over the lifespan of the equipment.

No Power Required

Since GeoPools require no power they are much less expensive to operate than centrifuges, filter presses, and dryers.

Easy Assembly

The GeoPool does not require an army of dump trucks to haul material in to construct a dewatering berm. Instead 2-4 trucks will deliver the frames to the job site and the modular GeoPool sections can be bolted together with the provided tool kit and hardware kit supplied with the GeoPool. Depending on the size of the pool you can have a complete dewatering site in less than 5-7 days.

NOTE: Specifications subject to change without notice.

Included with each GeoPool:

  • Filter Fabric (choice of Type-A or Type-B)
  • Assembly hardware kit
  • Assembly tool kit
  • Assembly supervision and on-site training by a factory technician