About GeoPool

The GeoPool dewatering system consists of a series of rigid steel support frames that are linked together and secured using four heavy-duty safety cables with turnbuckle connections. The interior frame structure is then lined with high-tech filter fabric made of polypropylene. Our open concept system can be set up in a few days, and only requires one person to operate.

Sediments are collected in the GeoPool and the effluent water filters through the fabric via natural settling and gravity. The dewatering system operator can direct the effluent to a sump using a trench 4’ to 5’ away from the base of the GeoPool, and the water can then be pumped back to its original water source or to water treatment equipment.

Our dewatering system features patented Dump Doors that – like a weir – allow for rapid release of surface water that does not need to be filtered, which speeds up the dewatering process. After the drydown period, the patented clean out gates allow tracked earth moving equipment to easily access the material inside the pool for removal.

Once the separated material is unloaded, the collapsible clean out gates are reattached and the next fill and dewatering cycle can begin. The fabric is designed to last for several cycles, and is available in various options to filter specific debris, from sediments to vegetation. Our groundbreaking GeoPool dewatering system is an innovative and reusable solution that is cost effective, scalable, and an ideal option for a number of industries and applications.

For larger scale projects, we recommend multiple pools so that one pool can be filled while the other is being cleaned out after the drydown process is complete.