GeoPool In Use At A Power Plant In Hadjret En Nouss, Algeria

PROJECT: Removing sand and ocean sediment from Hadjret En Nouss Power Plant in Algeria

LOCATION:Hadjret En Nouss, Algeria

DREDGE: Mud Cat MC 225D

A GeoPool Model V4 and Mud Cat 225D was purchased by SNC Lavalin for maintenance of the Hadjret En Nouss Power Plant.  The Mud Cat was used to maintain the cooling water intake canal for the power plant that was subject to regular siltation from the sea.  The dredge took the sand off in even layers to maintain the bottom profile of the canal and the pumped the material to the GeoPool which was approximately 100m (328 ft.) away. 

The application was very easy for the GeoPool as the material did not require a polymer for rapid settling.  The smaller GeoPool allowed for the sand to swirl into a more even layer while the fabric was activated and the slurry was dewatered.  Any leftover surface water was quickly released into the swale using the GeoPool patented Dump Door technology which is a series of shutters used for rapid release of clear surface water.

The reusable GeoPool allows the power plant to routinely dredge out the cooling canal and use the same dewatering site with little additional expense except for relining the pool every couple of cycles which is around $3,000 USD.  The fabric can be used for multiple cycles after dredging sand and can be power washed when used in finer materials.

The GeoPool saves time and money as the end user can continually re-use it instead of buying geotextile tubes for each filling cycle and throwing them away after each use which can add up quickly. 

In addition to being cost effective for larger bulk dewatering projects, GeoPools are ideal for smaller continuous maintenance projects that require repeat dredging annually.  

The GeoPool and Mud Cat 225D in operation.
The GeoPool and Mud Cat 225D in operation.
The GeoPool V4 rapidly dewatering sand.
The GeoPool V4 rapidly dewatering sand.

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